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Cat Behavioural Issues

Cat CTAs

At Animal Behavioural Consultants we specialise in the diagnosis, management, medication and treatment of behavioural problems in cats.

Some of the problems we deal with are:

  • Urine spraying.
  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Aggression.
  • Fear/anxiety.
  • Excessive vocalisation

Please refer to the behavioural consultation process prior to booking an appointment.


A recent publication (1) asking owners of their perception of their cats behaviour found that 98% of owners felt thier cat had some form of behavioural problem. The problems they noted in descending ordr of prevcelance were anxiety or fear, destructive behaviours, house soiling, excessive vocalization, aggression towards people or othner animals, and excessive groomein.

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Domestication of the cat

All behaviour occurs in the context of the environment in which the cat lives. If we understand the natural environment of our cats, and how this has changed through the process of domestication, we can better understand problem behaviours in today's pets.

For further reading on the domestication of the cat, read Jon's article - Domestication of the cat.



Grigg EK, Kogan LR, van Haaften K, Kolus C.  2018 Cat owners’ perceptions of psychoactive medications, supplements and pheromones for the treatment of feline behavior problems. J Feline Med Surg